Freedom Dreams Artist Talk + Performance

On Thursday, July 14 at 7pm, I’ll be giving a short talk along with a few of the other artists who are participating in the group exhibition, Freedom Dreams in an Age of Mass Incarceration. My friend Damon Locks will perform a new sound piece inspired by the exhibition.

The event takes place at the Pop Up Just Art Gallery, 729 W. Maxwell St., Chicago. RSVP here.

In this exhibition, Chicago-area artists were commissioned to respond to writing developed by men in the Prison Neighborhood Arts Project’s “Freedom Dreams” cultural studies class at Stateville Prison, taught by Alice Kim. The writings and artworks showcased in this exhibition – ranging from print and sculpture to photography and collage – urge the public to reconsider, rethink, and reimagine what freedom means, especially in the context of an ever-growing prison nation.


Assata’s Daughters: Eric Blackmon
Dorothy Burge: Gerald Reed
Cairá Lee Conner: Ricky Patterson
Eve Ewing: P. Hartsfield
Krista Franklin: Demetrius Cunningham
Aaron Hughes: Dustin Sherwood Clay
Damon Locks Abdul Malik Muhammad
Victoria Martinez: Markus Buchannan
Sherwin Ovid: Derrick “Ricky” Echols
Fereshteh Toosi: William Buck
Monica Trinidad: Rodney Clemons
Mirtes Zwierzynski: Kiar Brown