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On the right half, there is a block of text. On the left half of the image, there is a grid of unrecognizable abstract smeary images in a range of muddy oranges, yellows, grays, greens, and pinks. The images look like they are blobs of paint.

On August 14 I participated remotely in ¡HOT MESS! at Elastic Arts in Chicago. There were some technical issues with the livestream on Twitch, so please check out the recording of my performance here:

Live video of an April 2020 Business Insider article, performed with Cristóbal Valenzuela’s Generative Engine, an interactive real-time text to image generation tool which utilizes Tao Xu’s Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks (AttnGAN).

Music by

I’m thrilled to be included in the stellar collection of poetry, essays, and artwork that Rory Green and Jini Maxwell have curated for the latest issue of Cordite Poetry Review, GAME

Many thanks to Kent MacCarter and the entire Cordite editorial team!

My poem It’s All Coming from Outside the Container Place was playfully composed in collaboration with GPT-2, an open-source neural network AI that was retrained on a small text dataset of writing from my Oil Ancestors poetry collection.

This piece would not have been made without guidance and instruction offered by Allison Parrish during a remote workshop with Anderson Ranch Art Center earlier this year. Thank you!

The journal is best suited for reading on laptop, desktop and tablet devices. Much of the poetry published will not render properly on a phone.

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In the news!

I’m happy to share some recent press about my project, Oil Ancestors: Metaphysical Hotline.

The links below include features from Miami New Times on June 4th and the Miami-Herald’s Tropical Sunday arts section on June 13th.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me during the process of making this project. I couldn’t do it without you all.


…in speaking with the future being in the present, the speaker is put in the position of influencing the future. It is quite an astounding observation to consider.

(Miami-Herald / Artburst)

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This piece puts you on the hook and says, ‘Don’t give up if you are doing something, and if you’re not doing anything, what can you do?

(Miami New Times)

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“I have always been very impressed by the care (Fereshteh) puts into all of their work and so much of their work is about personal experiences, and personal encounters,” said Kathryn Garcia, Live Arts Miami’s executive director.

(Miami Today: Best of Miami edition)

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To have the roles reversed and be asked to consider ourselves as the “ancestors” of future generations was an interesting thought experiment that made Metaphysical Hotline a worthwhile experience.

(No Proscenium)

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It’s brilliant… an intimate immersive theater experience but in a remote setting. All during this pandemic, it is hard to pinpoint or imagine a better-conceived art experience.

(Jitney Books)

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I’ve been working with Live Arts Miami to develop a new piece as part of my Oil Ancestors project and I’m excited to finally share it with you!

Metaphysical Hotline is an intimate conversational performance about deep time and ecology. The piece is delivered as a 30-40 minute, one-on-one phone call from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Complete the pre-performance questionnaire by Monday, May 23 at 11:59 PM for a chance to experience the piece. If you are chosen, you will receive a text message to confirm your appointment time on Tuesday May 24. Since there are only 24 openings, those who aren’t assigned an appointment will be contacted if availability opens up later.