Constellations: Deep Mapping Miami’s Past, Present, and Future was a forest walkshop designed in collaboration with artist Onajide Shabaka for the 2018 Creative Time Summit, “On Archipelagos and other Imaginaries: Collective Strategies to Inhabit the World.”

The session at Simpson Park introduced participants to a tropical hardwood hammock. Endemic to South Florida, these shady forests are characterized by their closed canopy of trees, home to a variety of unique plant and animal species which are now threatened due to the encroaching development into the forests.

Together the group engaged in a series of activities focusing on sensory reflection and deep mapping. Participants learned about the indigenous history of the land, speculated about ecological futures, and constructed their own spatial narrative based on a series of somatic and affective experiences. Participants were invited to reconsider the layers of human and beyond-human life in the landscape.

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All images courtesy of Creative Time.