Lincoln Park, Chicago

Red Crystal Palace

Red Crystal Palace was a mobile tent with a crystal ball inside, operated by a nurse seeking predictions about the future from people on the street. In exchange, the nurse shared free tea and red crystals with participants.

Lincoln Park, Chicago

The nurse asked people 3 questions:
1- Who will be the next president?
2- When will the war in Iraq be over?
3- What will you be doing five years from now?

The nurse visited Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago with her tent on wheels.

In exchange for their time, project participants were given potassium ferricyanide crystals.

Visitors could consult the crystal ball inside the tent for hints to answer the nurse’s questions.

Interview tapes were broadcast via short-range AM station during the Multimediale DC festival in April 2007.

Provisions Library Gallery in Dupont Circle, Washington DC.

INTERVIEWS RECORDED IN 2007: 26 March and 21 July in Chicago, 7 April in Los Angeles, 6 May in Washington DC. First edit was broadcast in Washington DC on a short-range AM transmission in late April as part of the Multimediale Festival and throughout the summer.

AUDIO ENGINEERING: Shelly Steffens at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

MUSIC: Paul Bonneau – Preambule No. 37, Fleetwood Mac – Crystal, Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air, Farsheed Toosi – Glasscutter, Shelly Steffens and Fereshteh Toosi on waterphone and synthesizer, remixes and original songs by Charlie Gokey

This project was made possible by the Artists Residency Program at Experimental Sound Studio, a program funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

THANK YOU: Robin Amer, John Biewen, Donald Braman, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, Vince Gallegos, Charlie Gokey, Robin Hewlett, Allan Hovland, Lou Mallozzi, Griselda Mendoza, Multimediale artists and organizers, Mahyar Nili, Prelinger Archive, Provisions Library and staff, Siobhan Rigg, Jacob Ross, Don Russell, Jesse Seay, Farsheed Toosi, Niels Van Tomme, Jeff Young,