Wild Lines

“Wild lines” or “wild sound” is a film term that refers to sound that does not match the visuals on the screen. “Wild Lines” is a new series of short documentaries for listening, focusing on interviews with unsynchronized audio and visuals.

Edny was commissioned by Borscht Films. It’s a conversation with a 19 year-old resident of the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami.

Strike & Rebound is a story about a Chicago resident who experienced eviction and homelessness.

In the early part of the 20th century, acclaimed documentary photographer and sociologist Lewis Hine traveled to different American cities in order to make pictures of people living and working under difficult conditions. As two women discuss these images, we eavesdrop on their conversation about photography and poverty. We never see the source of the questions and answers, instead their voices are juxtaposed against a 16mm educational animation illustrating geometric inequalities, in this case, the difference between a carom and a reflection.