Art by Neil Brideau

Yock Yok

This project is a collaboration with Neil Brideau. It was commissioned by Regional Relationships, who wrote the following synopsis:

Art by Neil Brideau

Art by Neil Brideau.

Modern food culture has appropriated ingredients and tastes from all over the world, distributed through books, TV shows and recipe sharing blogs. How one comes to know a recipe is often more complicated than edited television shows and cookbooks can reveal, however. Recipes are stories that shift and change depending on culture, class and place. One such storied recipe is “Yock,” (or “Ya Ka Mein”) a noodle dish found in New Orleans and along the eastern coast of the US. Toosi’s work, a collaboration with comics artist Neil Brideau, traces Yock’s regional mythology, dashing any simplistic notion of an original, authentic recipe.

The project consists of an audio interview (on CD), a comic book and a screenprinted dishtowel for you to use in your own cooking adventures, perhaps making your own variation of yock.