I’m doing a remote artist residency with Tribe Against Machine in Taiwan. On 12 September 2020, I gave this presentation for a small international group of participants in preparation for our collaboration together.

Practicing bhramari pranayama
(bee breath) during the workshop.

On April 30th I offered a workshop called “Livestream your soundscape,” hosted by Venture Cafe Miami and MDC Live Arts.

A PDF of the slides will give you access to all the links. At some point the screen sharing function wasn’t showing my slides anymore so hopefully this can help you make more sense of all the steps in the process. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Grant Smith of Soundcamp in London is responsible for organizing a lot of the Reveil project, so you can also consult their website for more info. Grant deserves credit for initiating this network of information sharing.

Also, one correction: I realized today that the Locus Sonus app does not support MP3 without a different, more complex configuration. So please just use OGG. You can test your stream in different browsers to make sure it’s accessible.

The video to the presentation is also archived on Facebook if you want to watch it.

Two people stand in Biscayne Bay with their arms extended, hovering their hand over the water. They are participants in a night-time kayak outing guided by artist Fereshteh Toosi.
If you’ve been wanting to join my night-time kayak outings, Wednesday March 4th is your last chance! My Oolite Arts Ellies Award project features poetry and deep listening focused on the teachings of water. We meet at 6:45 PM and the ticket price covers kayak rental, paddles, life vest, s’mores, bonfire, and a poetry zine to take home. Returning participants get a discount and part of all proceeds will be donated to Love the Everglades, a Miccosukee-run environmental advocacy group. My Water Radio project will continue after March, but this is the final opportunity to be a part of the Reading Camp with O, Miami! Tickets are available at: tinyurl.com/kayak-reading-camp.

 On Thursday March 12, you’re invited to a forest immersion and sound performance that I will offer at the FIU Nature Preserve in conjunction with two pieces I have in the Transitional Nature exhibit. If you can’t make it to the live event, the gallery exhibit will be on view at the Frost Art Museum until Sunday May 17. Admission is free for both. When you go to the museum, I’d love for you to email or post a video of yourself interacting with my plant instruments.

 On Wednesday April 15, I’ll be doing a lecture and workshop at the North Regional Library as part of Broward College’s STEAM Visiting Artist Series which features artists whose work intersects with science, technology, engineering and math. I’ll talk about my practice and teach participants how to make their own light-up paper pop-up card. Lecture is at 11:00, workshop is at 1:30. Come to one or to both!In 2020, I’m excited to be developing a new performance piece as part of the Miami-Dade College Live Arts ECOCultura initiative. My project is in the research and development stage and I’m grateful for the opportunity to cultivate new work over the course of a year. The process involves sharing feedback with five other artists who are addressing issues such as climate gentrification, grief, and anxiety; aging bodies as a metaphor for changing environment; Black women’s perspectives on water ethics; and youth voices on climate change. We’re just beginning but stay tuned for updates from the MDC Live Arts Lab (LALA).

Since I last wrote in 2019, I also attended an eco-acoustics workshop in France with sound artists Annea Lockwood and Leah Barclay, participated in the inaugural mini-residency with Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE), and completed a collaborative residency before presenting my work at Emergency Response Time, a climate art symposium hosted by Science Walden and the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in Dartington, England. 

If you’ve read this far and you’d still like to learn more, you can check out my interview with the Kidnapped for Dinner podcast, recorded live at Mana Contemporary during Miami Art Week and broadcast by Orchid.fm. In this conversation with Kristen Soller, I talk about interspecies kinship and the nature/culture themes that weave through my current projects.