On the right half, there is a block of text. On the left half of the image, there is a grid of unrecognizable abstract smeary images in a range of muddy oranges, yellows, grays, greens, and pinks. The images look like they are blobs of paint.

What does oil look like?

On August 14 I participated remotely in ¡HOT MESS! at Elastic Arts in Chicago. There were some technical issues with the livestream on Twitch, so please check out the recording of my performance here:

Live video of an April 2020 Business Insider article, performed with Cristóbal Valenzuela’s Generative Engine, an interactive real-time text to image generation tool which utilizes Tao Xu’s Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks (AttnGAN).

Music by http://www.zirafamusic.com/